Melt Fat Like Crazy With This Magical Banana Pineapple Drink!

Summer is coming and many women are eager to get in shape again. If you are time-bound and the fitness center is no option for you, try out this simple, yet successful smoothie recipe. It’s not just extremely tasty but this fat-burning smoothie will increase your metabolism and help you get rid of fat making you  ready for the beach very quickly.

Why is this formula so effective it is the abundance of nutrition it offers including important enzymes, minerals and fiber. The enzymes make your metabolism to burn more fat, as the fibers retains you satiated all night reducing unhealthy sugar cravings. The minerals support the body proper function.

The only thing you have to help your weight loss process it to damage add this drink to your daily menu. You can take the smoothie instead of a meal, lunch break or breakfast for example. Additionally, it may replace your dinner, nevertheless, you should reduce by half the ingredients.

If you’re a fitness center goer, this recipe is merely what you need after a strenuous workout. It’ll optimize the fat-burning process, eliminate more body fat cells and build more muscle tissue.



1 banana

1 tsp. ground flax seed

1 tsp. grated ginger

1/2  cup pineapple slices

1/3 cup milk almond



The preparation process couldn’t be easier. Put all elements in a blender and blend until well-blended.

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