Stomach Pain-What To Eat

Heartburn, ulcer disease and chronic gastritis are very common conditions of the digestive organs.There aren’t many people who haven’t experienced a heartburn, which is caused by acid regurgitation into the esophagus.Heartburn causes the sensation of a bitter taste in the throat, stinging and burning, pressure and pain in the upper part of the abdomen and over the breastbone.

Stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer is caused by damaging the mucous that protects the stomach and is usually caused by a bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori).

Stomach ulcer is related to a bad diet and a balanced diet is one of the ways to prevent stomach ulcer and help patients who already suffer from it.

Avoid fatty food, alcohol, chocolate

It has been considered till recently that patients who suffer from digestive problems should keep to a very rigid diet rules. However, practice showed that patients with same diagnoses react differently to different foods, thus it is becoming more and more obvious that their diet should be based on individual needs rather than some general rules.

However, there are certain directions in what they should consume, since it is known that certain foods can bother patients with such problems and that some can be a supplement to their therapy-says dr Danijela Ristić Medić, a specialist of internal medicine. There are findings that some foods and beverages relax and open the sphincter muscle and allow the stomach acid pass from the stomach to the esophagus, and these are: chocolate, mint, fatty food, alcohol and onion. Patients should avoid these foods and beverages along with foods which encourage the secretion of acid in the stomach such as coffee, cola, beer and milk.  A frequent and intensive heartburn is especially caused by sausages, burgers, fried food, old cheese, hot and spiced food and raw onion.

Alcohol causes heartburn as well, not only when it comes to people who suffer from it, but also when it comes to healthy people, especially if they consume it before going to bed. During sleep alcohol relaxes the sphincter allowing the acid to pass to the esophagus. The acid attack occurs most often three and a half hours after consuming alcohol.

Overloaded stomach leads to a heartburn

The cause of heartburn can also be the consummation of too much food. When the stomach is full more than it should be, it presses the sphincter which opens easily and makes the way for the heartburn.

What foods are good for the stomach?

Along with reducing the intake of fatty foods, the doctor recommends patients to consume more proteins and carbohydrates, eat smaller meals every three to four hours, chew the food slowly and avoid eating the food while it’s still hot.

At the top of this list recommended foods is fish- cooked or baked without oil, but not fried, then lean meat, again not fried, young cheese, yoghurt with probiotics, cooked and fresh leafy green vegetables, rye flour or rusks, bananas, apples, cantaloupe, green tea, St.John’s wort tea, chamomile tea and fresh cabbage juice.


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